Streamlining processes to strengthen internal controls and deliver project management objectives

A tier-2 investment bank

Streamlining processes to save time and money, strengthen internal controls and deliver project management objectives


A tier-2 investment bank was rolling out a global project to build a centralised data warehouse for users across finance, risk and operations — with several related initiatives for a consolidated sub-ledger, centralised reconciliation platform and static data services. Due to the complexities inherent in a project of such size and scope, progress was slower than originally predicted and project management deadlines were continually delayed.


Calibrate finance specialists were embedded in the bank’s core project management and business analyst teams to swiftly identify and remediate implementation inefficiencies, including the elimination of duplicate legacy processes. We designed a new platform and introduced Qlik data visualisation, configuring a range of bespoke interactive dashboards, giving users access to up-to-date information while managing processes more effectively.


The decommissioning of legacy systems and streamlining of processes facilitated a meaningful uptick in progress, realising significant cost and time savings and supporting the achievement of project goals. In addition to delivering on the original data warehousing objectives, internal controls were strengthened — the bank is considering further opportunities aimed at centralising and standardising its data operations.

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