Identifying priorities, delivering effective reporting, facilitating deliberation and driving business objectives

A global investment bank

Identifying priorities, delivering effective reporting, facilitatingmeaningful deliberation and driving business objectives


The trading desk of a leading global investment bank was highly dissatisfied with the quality and scope of the monthly MIS reporting, received from the bank’s finance team. Monthly meetings were unproductive and had been stopped, due to the lack of consequential data and the absence of any meaningful insights in existing reporting.


Calibrate identified high-priority areas for finance MIS reporting, as well as undertaking a cross-divisional review to encompass a broader range of evolving business and market metrics. Leveraging existing infrastructure where possible, a new, user-friendly reporting system was developed — with an emphasis on automation, accuracy, relevance and visualisation.


Incorporating an expanded scope and a variety of performance metrics, the new automated and accurate monthly MIS reporting allowed the links and relationships between the balance sheet, P&L, capital requirements and business performance to be analysed. This provided a solid basis for productive discussions between the trading desk and finance, empowering executives to drive the business and enhancing senior management controls.

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